ISAHP2020 International Symposium on Analytic Hierarchy Process

DecisionMentor presented at ISAHP2020, December, 2020 Web, Very encouraging feedback from the experts of the field (Creative Decision Foundation, USA).

The International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (ISAHP) for Decision Making brings together researchers, academics, students and other users of AHP/ANP to share their research and experiences in decision making.

The ISAHP is a biennial conference on multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA), with a particular focus the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and its extension, the Analytic Network Process (ANP), both developed by Thomas L. Saaty, and the combination/comparison of these with other methods.

Paper proposals presented at ISAHP cover the major studies of international research in AHP/ANP, and provide solutions for current challenges in important areas of decision-making.

One of the co-creator of DecisionMentor is member of International Scientific / Advisory Committee for International Symposia on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (ISAHP) since 2005: ISAHP2020, Web Conference, ISAHP2018, Hong Kong; ISAHP2016, London, UK; ISAHP 2014, Washington, DC, USA; ISAHP2013, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia; ISAHP2011; Sorrento, Italy; ISAHP2009 Pittsburgh, USA; ISAHP2007 Valparaíso, Chile; ISAHP2005 Hawaii, USA. In addition, key note speaker in ISAHP2018 Hong Kong and Track Chair, Entrepreneurship Track # 10 at ISAHP2020.

ISAHP started from 1988, Tianjin, China; ISAHP1991 Pittsburgh, USA; ISAHP1994 Washington DC, USA; ISAHP1996 Vancouver, Canada; ISAHP 1999 Kobe, Japan; ISAHP2001, Berne, Switzerland and ISAHP2003, Bali, Indonesia, where the co-creator of DecisionMentor was Invited Speaker from the organizer Creative Decisions Foundation (CDF), USA.

Video recording of DecisionMentor presented at ISAHP2020 is available at the following link (Second Presentation, Starting from 15:50 min).