DecisionMentor appeared in Literature

ITS 2020 (Information Technology and Security 2020), Kyiv, Ukraine, December 10, 2020 published Selected Papers ( as part of the XX International Scientific and Practical Conference. A paper titled “An Overview of Decision Support Software: Strategic Planning Perspective” by Sergii Kadenko, Vitaliy Tsyganok, Oleh Andriichuk, Aleksandr Karabchuk and Minglei Fu ( cited DecisionMentor to demonstrate decision support going mobile.

The paper features a review of available software tools and systems that utilize expert data for decision support in weakly-structured subject domains. The following sentence is worthwhile to quote here:

”As existing DS software is highly demanded by representatives of different application fields, it is constantly improved and upgraded. At the same time, new products are being developed, in the form of both standalone solutions and add-ons or apps. For instance, Medical Sapiens web-platform for medical decision-making [34], Total Decision software [35], and Decision Mentor app [36] were developed just a few months ago (as of the moment of this paper preparation). Besides, Decision Mentor is an example of one of the latest trends – DS solutions going mobile”